Here's what clients have said about my classes:

" I have so far attended 11 of classes in about 5 weeks and I have lost 10cm of my waist!. Not only that but I am never bored & I so look forward to my workout, every time!"

Isobel H

"Having not done ANY excerise for 4 years I was dreading stepping foot into a gym/class. I've found the inspiration from Anne-Sophie's class to get back into shape, her classes are varied, fun, and hard work, she's a great teacher and I've no doubt that all that pain will pay off! Thank you, looking forward to a fitter 2014!

Emma S

"Really enjoying the half hour sessions. Great for burning calories. I am diabetic so can measure the impact of the "burn". Since being in the classes. For 5 weeks I have dropped the amount of insulin I need to take and the body rapidly burns up calories on the day of exercise and into the day after. Fantastic!!"

Myra W